Also A Person

I’m Louis, surprisingly! Half-English, Half-Hungarian (Romani background). I’m in my mid-30s, and currently live in Luton. I’m a good driver, though, so I can get around.

Early Days

I’ve been coding and designing since I was 12, and Ulead Photo Impact came packaged with our home computer. As a kid with no money, I spent many hours jumping around free hosting services looking for the best place to host my Stone Cold Steve Austin fan site. It helped me learn to code, and featured some pretty intense animated gifs.

Everything I know is self-taught, and I’m proud of that. I’ve always had a lot of passion and self-motivation to keep learning and growing.

Also Life

Outside of work I love movies (I actually went to film school, believe it or not), and music production for friends, and on my own projects. I’ve also been playing football and tennis since I was a kid, and enjoy mountain-biking (or really steep hill-biking, given the locale).